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3D animation about the importance of railway embankments

Client ProRail - Deltares Services
The challenge: complex research in understandable language

The amount of passengers and freight transport is growing rapidly. In the coming decades heavier, faster and more frequent trains will be used. The railway network, which has been in service for a long time and is often situated on soft ground, will be subjected to greater pressure as a result. It is uncertain whether the railway embankments can cope with the growth of the railways in a changing climate. This is therefore the subject of a scientific study being carried out by Deltares in cooperation with Prorail and TU Delft. But how do you explain this in a clear and consistent way to all internal and external stakeholders? C4Real came up with the solution by using a 3D animation.

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How do you make complex things understandable?

The solution: a 3D animation

With a powerful 3D animation, C4Real has made a complex subject understandable. It has become a 3D animation with 2D elements incorporated in it. This combination ensures that the viewer first gets an image of the subject through the visualization and then dives deeper into the matter through the 2D info. In this way, C4Real creates more clarity and insight into the various aspects of scientific research. A clear voice-over was used for the audio. This way this 3D animation ensures that the research is always explained in the same way to the various stakeholders with clear film images in understandable language. The film clearly shows what it is all about.

The 3d animation for ProRail - Deltares


Jasper Ingram

Program manager ProRail

Everyone at C4Real was really involved, there was a very pleasant colleboration. The end result was really satisfying. The 3D animation is really well put together, we get compliments, both from within our organisation as well as outside of that.


Best results through close cooperation

The process

C4Real works with a concept and production phase. During the entire process there is a continuous coordination with the client. There was close cooperation with Jasper Ingram from ProRail and Remon Pot from Deltares to streamline the interests of both parties properly and efficiently. Jasper Ingram, Program Manager at ProRail: "We had frequent and good contact. I noticed that the more they knew about the subject at C4Real, the more interesting they found it themselves! From the first orientation meeting onwards, they thought with us and came up with good solutions. Everyone at C4Real was actually very involved and there was pleasant cooperation. We are very satisfied with the final result. The 3D animation is well put together, we even get compliments from inside and outside the organization! The film has been picked up by many external news channels and used to clarify the reporting on the subject. After all, images say more than a thousand words."


The power of strong 3D animation

The end result

"So the end result is impressive. A 3D film with clear visualizations and accompanying info that make the complex research into the railway embankments understandable to everyone. About the necessity, the usefulness and what is involved. It looks professional and gives a good impression of this important subject. The added value for Prorail is also in the fact that it is free of charge. Anyone who wants to can watch the film at any time of the day without having to be there themselves. That's how clear it is. A good example of powerful visual communication. From complicated information to clear imagery. We are very satisfied", concludes Jasper.

The importance of railway embankments in images

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