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3D Animations for new products and systems

Client Brink Climate Systems Services
The challenge: to visualize the competitive advantage

At Brink Climate Systems it’s all about healthy indoor air. Healthy indoor air has a positive influence on our daily lives. It improves our health, makes us happier, gives us more energy and can even enhance our life expectancy. Unfortunately, the air that we breathe is not always exactly the air that our bodies need. Brink Climate Systems pursues healthy indoor air for everyone. They do this by bringing products and systems on the market to help achieve this goal. But how do you make these benefits visible? After all, you cannot see much from the products themselves. C4Real came up with the solution: using 3D animations.

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How do you make distinctive properties visible?

The solution: 3D animations

C4Real developed informative 3D animations for the introduction of two products from Brink Climate Systems, the Elan E and the Multi Air Supply. These are 3D animations in which the value of the product or system in people’s living environments quickly becomes clear. After all, air cannot be seen with the naked eye; but a 3D animation can make it visible. For the Multi Air Supply the air flow in a house is animated with 3D particles. The simulation is truly lifelike; you can see how the air moves when it collides with an object such as a table or a bed. In doing so it is possible to explain the technical aspects of the product or system in terms of customer benefits and to translate them into tangible value for the customer.

The productions were developed in nine languages, enabling Brink Climate Systems to present the distinctive character of its products in a global and uniform manner.

Multi Air Supply visualized


Elan E visualized


Adriaan Cramer

Director Product management

"For the launch of our latest product we asked C4Real to create a short film to explain the proposition to the public. Thanks to their professional and creative approach we succeeded, we are extremely satisfied by the result!."


High efficiency by working from an original CAD drawing

The process

C4Real gets down to work with a concept phase and a production phase preceded by an analysis. To create the right animations, it is indeed important to understand exactly how the product or system works. At Brink Climate Systems this mostly involves high-tech products with many ingenious options. C4Real was given full access to the Brink Climate Systems library with all the 3D STEP files (CAD program). It was used to work towards the perfect animation.

One example is by showing the different versions of the model, also produced from different materials. This makes the new product much more realistic and immediately visible to the customer. And this while the final product has not yet even seen the light of day! The 3D animation is then also a sales accelerator; the new product or system can already be introduced to the customer. For Brink Climate Systems, this way of working also has the advantage of predictability about what will be obtained along with info on the cost.


The added value of 3D animations

The endresult

3D animations are used by Brink Climate Systems to visualize things that cannot be seen with the naked eye, such as air and the solutions "under the bonnet". Using simple and powerful imagery, the value of the product or system in people's environments is explained in a professional and pleasant way in a short space of time. With the 3D animation, all manner of versions can also be shown to the end customer even before they are launched on the market. This offers Brink Climate Systems a partner who can ensure a maximum visual impact and accelerate sales.

Brink Climate Systems product visualization in images

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