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A corporate film to air your vision

Client TenCate Services
The challenge: a corporate film that tells the story

TenCate Geosynthetics is the world's leading provider of geosynthetics and industrial fabrics. The concern processes synthetic raw materials and develops, produces and supplies industrial technical textiles for groundworks, roadworks and hydraulic engineering work. They have already been doing so for over 40 years and are proud of it. The company recently split from its parent company Koninklijke TenCate. It was time to create its own identity and make its own vision known to the outside world. But how do you do that? C4Real came up with a visionary corporate film.

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How do you show the world what you stand for?

With a unique and impactful corporate film

If you want to explain your story and your vision to the world, it is essential that you first have a sharp and clear picture of what you want to convey in your own mind - that is the first step. What does the company stand for, what do the different brands mean, how does everything happen? Customers and stakeholders must have a good idea of what the company actually is and what it stands for. That is good storytelling. And this helps to create a bond with your target group. The next step is to use images, speech and music to give the company a face, to make it recognisable to the customer. At TenCate Geosynthetics it is not just about the product, the industrial fabric. No, it is about making an impact, offering sustainable solutions in different areas, and contributing to a better world. This is why it was important for the visuals and the music to create a fitting 'feel good' feeling, to hook up with the customer's emotions. 

The corporate film for TenCate Geosynthetics


Jaap de Carpentier Wolf

Head Corporate Communication

“The result of creating this visual experience is incalculable in value. The whole process, plus the eventual film, helped us tremendiously in our external and internal communication.”


And an even better result through cooperation

A full focus on every aspect

C4Real has set up its process with a concept and production phase after the intake. Working with a script, storyboards and style frames means you know exactly what you are getting in the concept phase. Fine-tuning all this was very important, because then the client's own story became clearer and clearer. In this case there was also close cooperation with Morskieft Ontwerpers. This agency was responsible for the full branding, the new house style and the creation of all TenCate Geosynthetics' resources. This way of working allowed a sharp focus on each aspect for the corporate film. Everything was thought of, the most attractive images, the best audio, the voice-over and the mood music.


The corporate film

The end result

In the corporate film the viewer is immediately asked the question: Do you ever look around you? At the beautiful world outside, and the bonds that exist infrastructure wise? We travel more and more and sometimes the world seems so small. Ten Cate Geosynthetics also sees this world and asked itself how it could contribute. The answer? By optimising infrastructure in a sustainable way. For a better world. The corporate film consists of animations, shots of construction projects, alternating with stock shots. The most spectacular music can be heard behind the images and the pleasant voice-over. The corporate film provides a nice explanation of what Ten Cate Geosynthetics does and means to the world.

TenCate Geosynthetics corporate film in images

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