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Polymer chemistry

Client Akzo Nobel Services
Visual approach works educational

How can you ‘show’ chemistry? How can you make it sexy? And how can you demonstrate the ability for products to set themselves apart within the chemicals sector? AkzoNobel Polymer Chemistry asked C4Real to find an answer to these questions.

We developed a corporate film that shows customers and prospects in a short period of time why, as a plastics manufacturer, you should choose AkzoNobel Polymer Chemistry. Very positive feedback has also come from an unexpected source. Top management, non-technical staff at AkzoNobel and students now understand immediately what AkzoNobel Polymer Chemistry stands for. This confirms the educational function visualization can play in the chemicals sector.

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Explaining chemistry

Chemistry is difficult to explain in words, particularly for professionals with a technical background. How can you explain the function of organic peroxides in the polymerization process? Many prospects think that AkzoNobel makes plastics, but this isn’t true. AkzoNobel actually supplies the chemical products to companies who then make the plastics themselves.

Polymer chemistry visualized


Haimo Tonnaer

Digital Customer Experience Manager, AkzoNobel

“C4Real knows better than anyone how to translate such complicated matter into visual language, but it goes beyond that. From the first meeting they showed that they really wanted to delve into the matter. They ask the right questions, do research and thus ensure the best end result. The quality is always top notch.”


Added value

The process

C4Real came up with a relatively fast way to make it visually clear which products AkzoNobel Polymer Chemistry does supply, and why it is the perfect choice as a partner when it comes to the efficient development of plastics.


Corporate film


The corporate film we developed for AkzoNobel features video images that show the market the areas in which AkzoNobel is active, and also provides an explanation of the polymerization process, using stylish, fully 3D animation.

The video gives customers and prospects a fast and easy way to understand the added value AkzoNobel offers as compared to the competition.

The reactions from the organisation have been full of praise, and have led to our work in the areas of education and HR, which has been designed to help starting employees at AkzoNobel quickly become familiar with the chemical process for which AkzoNobel has a large market share.

Polymer chemistry in images

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