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Air for life

Client Brink Climate Systems Services
Succesful product introduction climate system air 70 using 3D animation

Brink was seeking a partner able to provide maximum visual impact for the introduction of the Brink Air 70. C4Real developed a 3D product animation that, in only a brief space of time, was able to clarify the product’s value to people and their environment.

The 3D product animation was extremely well received during the product launch in Germany and the Netherlands and this soon resulted in firm leads.

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Translating technical features into customer value

The Brink Air 70 is a hi-tech product with many ingenious options attached. Translating technical features into customer value was this project’s major challenge: how to translate technical benefits into a healthier living environment with regard to individuals and the business-to-business market.

Air for life visualized


Adriaan Cramer

Director Product management, Brink Climate Systems

"For the launch of our latest product we asked C4Real to create a short film to explain the proposition to the public. Thanks to their professional and creative approach we succeeded, we are extremely satisfied by the result!."


Perfect example of how 3D animation and film can reinforce each other

By using simple and powerful visual language, we show people how the system works and how it contributes towards a better environment in which to live. A perfect example of how film and 3D animation can reinforce each other. Given that the way the product works is made apparent almost straightaway, sales meetings become more efficient and that results in a reduction of lead-times.

Brink Air for life in images

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