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Revolutionary powder coating process

Revolutionary powder coating process

Royal DSM NV asked C4Real to make a visualization for a new coating product, Uralac Ultra, which they offer on the market. This is truly a revolutionary product in the field of coating MDF. In the traditional way of coating, paint is often used and there is an environment-intensive and chemical process. This can have adverse effects on the environment and health. The new and innovative DSM product is a powder coating. Revolutionary is that the powder coating is heated via an electrostatic process and thus adheres to the MDF. No chemicals are used, making the powder more environmentally friendly than paint. The powder coating of MDF has never been successful until now because it is difficult to heat the powder so that it does not stick and the MDF does not burn. Therefore, it is high time to show this product and process to the world and to enthuse DSM's target group.

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Change the mindset in the market

The fact that this powder coating process offers many possibilities is self-evident. For example, coating children's furniture and other products that people come into contact with. In order to be able to develop further and to offer a broad variety, an investment is needed. That is why DSM wants to change the mindset in the market, so that the new process quickly becomes established. The question to C4Real was therefore to develop a visualization that quickly clarifies the impact of the new process on the market.

DSM Revolutionary powder coating process visualized


Combination of animation and film images

In the visualization, a combination has been made between 3D animation and film images of end users. We have briefly and concisely made the process and its various advantages visible. This enables DSM to quickly and easily show why the market should change on the website. Of course, sales staff can also show the animation during conversations and it is suitable for trade fairs.

DSM Revolutionary powder coating process in images

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