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The future of electric driving

Client Dutch Innovator Services
Attract investors

Dutch Innovator has hired C4Real to present a non-produced electric car visually, with the aim of recruiting investors. For this we have consulted extensively with the customer, to figure out the most compelling way to bring this project into the limelight. In the end we opted for a 3D product animation with which the electric car is presented, and which is provided with a unique soundtrack. This approach has ultimately contributed to the successful involvement of investors in the project.

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Almost tangible

How do you visualize something that does not really exist? That was the big challenge of this assignment. Because there was no prototype of the electric car of Dutch Innovator, we actually had to make the first (almost) tangible model. Moreover, we wanted to ensure that the presentation impressed potential investors. For that reason, we have created an impressive soundtrack to the 3D animation. Includes its own lyric and own vocals. It was the first time that we have recorded live vocals for a project. And it was totally worth it.

The future of electric driving visualized


Henk Brink

Founder, Dutch Innovator

"The product created by the amazing team at C4Real helped us out massively with getting the attraction of sponsors."


Visualization power

Through special audio and visualization power we have developed a 3D product animation, that enables Dutch Innovator to reveal and reinforce the special story behind the electric car. The electric car existed only on paper. The 3D animation of C4Real contributed to bringing in investors to be able to start this project. Audio thereby had so much impact that potential investors got goosebumps. The result is almost American over-the-top. "How beautiful would it be if ...?" The message in the vocals makes it even more impressive. This has successfully launched this sustainable world first in the automotive industry.

The future of electric driving in images

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