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Explainer video for the sucessful onboarding of restaurants

Client Just Eat Takeaway Services
The challenge: to get as many restaurants onboard worldwide on a uniform way

Who doesn’t know Just Eat Takeaway, in the Netherlands known as Thuisbezorgd. Outside China, it is the world's largest platform for meal delivery. The company has grown exponentially in recent years mainly through acquisitions from 50,000 to more than 550,000 affiliated restaurants in 25 countries. This growth is not over yet, and that poses a challenge. Because how do you ensure that so many restaurant owners are quickly, easily and clearly affiliated with Just Eat TakeAway without having the service capacity to do so? C4Real was asked this question and came up with the solution: info films.

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How can you get so many restaurants onboard worldwide?

The solution: with explainer videos

To dive into the figures: it takes a service employee 35 to 60 minutes to get one restaurant onboard. Just count how many hours it takes to sign up thousands of new restaurants! That's a lot of service people and not really feasible. So how? C4real came up with a solution. A solution in the form of a system of explainer videos in various languages. These videos clearly explain what a restaurant owner needs to do to join the platform, how the system of ordering and delivery works, and which extra services he/she can make use of such as the loyalty program and the partner web shop. In this way all restaurant owners receive the same basic information. For further questions the user is referred to the customer service department.

The explainer video for Just Eat Takeaway


Femke Welhuis

Manager Partner Brand Marketing

"We were looking for a party that we thought could handle this job well, also given the large workload. We found this at C4Real. Quality comes first, of course, but we also had to work in a smart way and C4Real certainly performed. We can therefore look back on the collaboration with satisfaction and are extremely satisfied with the end result."


High efficiency with a modular approach

The process

C4Real’s working method has a concept phase and a production phase, preceded by an analysis. In order to use the right plan of approach and the explainer video, it is important to know exactly how the process of onboarding goes and what all the steps are. This was worked out in detail in close cooperation with Just Eat Takeaway. Then a systematic approach was worked on and the script, storyboard and style frames were developed. The explainer videos are designed entirely in the style and branding of Just Eat Takeaway. The concept for the explainer videos was built up modularly per subject. This way any new adjustments can easily be implemented without having to modify the entire video. Since the video had to be produced in so many different languages, this also saves a lot of time and energy in the future in the event of changes. Super-efficient or what?


The added value of explainer videos

The end result

The whole onboarding process at Just Eat Takeaway with all the associated information is explained simply and unambiguously in the explainer videos. For maximum clarity, the video is supported by universal visuals and a universal name for the fictitious restaurant: "Yummy foods". For the restaurant owner, the necessary information is explained in a comprehensible way. He/she is taken through the whole process step by step. By opting for an explainer video, it was also possible to simultaneously highlight the extra services for the restaurant owner, such as the loyalty system and the partner web shop. Moreover, the restaurant owner can always watch the film again at his or her leisure.

A successful explainer video in images

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