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Explaining Fabric Sustainability visually

Client Ten Cate Protective Fabrics Services
The challenge: explaining Fabric Sustainability visually

To explain the sustainable nature of Tecawork Ecogreen's fabrics in a way that is as simple and understandable as possible was the challenge for C4Real. Ten Cate Protective Fabrics, which began as a textile company in Nijverdal, also concentrates on the production of sustainable fabrics for work clothing. In plain language: Ten Cate Protective Fabrics makes fabrics from plastic and sustainable wood. These combined fabrics then go to its customers in the form of cloth, who use it to produce work clothing. This is clothing for occupations such as car mechanics, firefighters and care personnel etc. It contributes to the sustainability and quality label of Ten Cate Protective Fabrics. But how do you explain the sustainable nature of these fabrics in simple and clear terms to the target group? C4Real was given this task and came up with the solution: a 2D explanation animation.

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How do you explain a complex story in an understandable way?

The solution: 2D Explanation animations!

Just imagine: you want to explain a broad and complex story. But there are so many elements and details that a 'simple' explanation is almost inconceivable. Which UPSs are relevant to this concept and how are we going to build the story? C4Real came up with the solution in the form of a 2D explanation animation. A 2D explanation animation offers the possibility of clearly presenting a complex story in images and sound with a more limited budget.

The 2D animation for Ten Cate Protective Fabrics


Question, discuss and brainstorm!

The process

When C4Real was presented with this case, they decided to together first detail the entire production process. At which stages is sustainability involved? How can this be demonstrated? The story was still far too broad at the start of the concept stage. It had to be transformed into a short, clear and logical story.

C4Real got down to work by developing scripts, storyboards, style frames and above all, many questions, much discussion and brainstorming with the client. All the lines were finally joined up to create a powerful end product in a pleasant, constructive way!


The added value of a 2D explanation animation

The endresult

The end result speaks for itself. The animation is one large continuous flow that simply and clearly explains the sustainable life cycle of Tecawork Ecogreen's combined fabrics. The camera takes you through the story from the start to its very end. The animation paid extra attention to the visual transitions and the use of moving icons from the Ten Cate icon library to illustrate the USPs. The whole production features a specially composed looped audio line to give it that something extra and unique. The 2D explanation animation was also produced in five different languages (Dutch, English, German, French and Polish) with voice-overs in these languages on top.

A successful 2D animation in images

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