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Gaia product introduction

The advantages of the new platform clearly communicated.

Beneath our feet and below buildings is a world we hardly think about. Fugro does. Fugro is the world's largest Geo-data specialist. The company collects and analyses extensive information about the Earth and the structures built on it.

Some 10,000 employees in 65 countries work on the best digital solutions for safe and sustainable building every day. To achieve this, Fugro provides project-critical information about the soil that is built on. For example, Gaia Insight, a platform that provides geotechnical, geological and structural insights to accelerate construction projects. The platform integrates soil investigation, real-time IoT (sensors) and third-party data. 

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Underground sensor technology make the difference

"How would you make our sensor technology visible while also working underground?" That is the challenge that Fugro presented to C4Real. Fugro wanted to communicate the added value of the Gaia Insight platform for her clients. "We immediately noticed how much impact this technology has on all kinds of geo-projects, and we had several ideas about how to communicate this in a visual-strategic way".

GAIA Insight product presentation


Remon Pot

Global Product Owner Digital Platforms at Fugro

“We asked C4Real to help us with a launch video of Gaia Insight, our doorway to the subsurface. The design team did a great job summarizing the technology, our work and the value we deliver to society. It was a pleasure to work with C4Real."


Huge number of inquiries after launch

To ensure maximum impact from the launch, we created an impressive 3D animation for Gaia Insight's global product launch. The video illustrates how different types of crucial geo-information are easily bundled, and that the user of the platform can make the right decisions more easily. This logically leads to time savings and significantly fewer failure costs. Control by technology, that's the films' idea, and include a continuous storyline for follow-up videos. And that tenor is catching on. The large number of positive reactions that followed showed that the target group appreciates our video. The subject may be complex, but the content of the video is certainly clear. Partly because of this, the launch of Gaia Insight has caused a big boost in awareness and attention. The platform was immediately picked up by international media, from Switzerland to Australia. After the launch of Gaia Insight, Fugro immediately received a huge number of requests. This shows that there is a clear need for such a platform in the market. And because of the strong visualization, the target group was able to see the benefits immediately. We are proud that we managed to achieve this in such a short time in partnership with Fugro.

Fugro Gaia product introduction in images

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