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MX3 Star Product Introduction

Client Greenfields Services
Product introduction of an integrated sports field

GreenFields is a manufacturer of sports field systems with artificial grass that are used across the world for sports like American football, hockey, soccer and baseball. GreenFields USA from Atlanta asked C4Real to provide input about product communication for the new system: the MX3 star. A product where top layer, intermediate layer, foundation and drainage are offered as an integrated system.

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From customer journey to strategy

To map the customer journey of the target group as well as possible, C4Real has used various applications. For example, we have investigated how we can provide the target group with the right information at the right time. Based on this, we have developed a visual content strategy for GreenFields, which has been rolled out to various solutions for different customer and prospect needs.

Greenfields MX3 Star Product Introduction visualized


Let the target group discover

The first elaboration was a short promotional animated film that presented the new system. Based on this we subsequently created 3D stills that were used on the website and in offline communication such as brochures, banners and trade fair material. This way the same atmosphere and product identity was retained everywhere, which provided more recognition. In addition, we have developed a product explorer, with which interested parties can view the field from various angles in 3D and they can click on the different layers of the field. So, they can discover what each layer does and what its role is in the entire system.

The approach that we developed for Greenfields USA was very successful because it was possible for the various target groups and their needs to see exactly what the system can do and how it distinguishes itself from other solutions in the market. A nice transition from only static product information to an interactive and visual approach.

Greenfields MX3 Star Product Introduction in images

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