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Interactive product catalog

Interactive product catalogue

Cirex; maufacturer of 'invisible' products

When people say “it takes many parts to build a car”, the parts that usually come first to mind are the engine, the brakes or the steering wheel. Items that might come less readily to mind are the fuel-pump housing, a door closure mechanism or a valve bridge. For most of us, these elements are ‘invisible’ component parts. Cirex is a manufacturer of just such ‘invisible’ parts for engines, gearboxes, exhaust systems and the chassis. To get these products in buyers’ lines of sight, Cirex sought out a visual portfolio manager – one that they could integrate easily within their website and other sales tools, the purpose of which was to be better able to inform their customers about their products and to generate more leads. In conjunction with advertising agency Twentse Storm, Cirex found the solution in the form of interactive 3D from C4Real.

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A visual presentation of all products

Very often we give little attention to those things we don’t see. Cirex supplies products that are ‘invisible’ to many of us. Despite this, how do they go about ensuring that their customers know what Cirex has to offer? Well, you could place a long list of product specifications on your website and hope that people will read it through; however, this proves unsuccessful in practice. People want to get clear information fast, otherwise they switch off. Cirex understands that. For that reason, they went looking for a fast, comprehensive way of demonstrating the importance of, say, a properly manufactured valve bridge.  

Cirex Interactive Product Catalogue visualized


Harm Albers

Commercial Director, Cirex

"Due to the Interactive 3D product explorer CIREX can easily show its potential clients an convenient and impactful way we produce the steel components we create for our clients. C4Real is a professional and pleasant company to work with."


Interactive 3D visualization

Thanks to interactive 3D, it is as if Cirex’s (potential) customers have been given x-ray vision allowing them to look through a car or truck. It becomes clear at a glance what it is that Cirex’s products are used for. Moreover, it’s possible to zoom in on the various component parts. As a result, these ‘invisible’ components become part of a greater whole. It becomes clear what the products are for, as well as possible applications. By using C4Real’s 3D product explorer, Cirex has not only a fully comprehensive product portfolio, but it is also able to display the added value of its product at the same time. Yet another benefit is that (potential) customers can now see at once the additional products that Cirex has to offer, thus increasing the likelihood that customers will go on to make still more purchases from Cirex.

Cirex interactive product catalogue in images

Cirex - interactive product catalog
Cirex - interactive product catalog
Cirex - interactive product catalog
Cirex - interactive product catalog
Cirex - interactive product catalog
Cirex - interactive product catalog
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