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Presentation modular security system

Client Alphatronics Services
Presentation of modular innovation

As a leading player in the technical security sector, Alphatronics finds itself in a specialist niche market. With their UNii-system, they developed a modular system for intrusion detection and access control, of which Alphatronics is very proud. The many technically advanced features ensure that expectations were high, therefore they have asked C4Real to work with them on a presentation that could do justice to the products, clients, prospects and other stakeholders and immediately shows what solutions UNii has to offer them.

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Teaser for an innovative product

Alpatronics wanted to present UNii during a customer event, through a spectacular animation film that was shown to visitors on large screens. Because of the versatility and the comprehensiveness of UNii, C4Real strongly advised making a teaser, because an animation would simply not be able to highlight all the possibilities. This can be done at a later date by means of separate films. But first, the teaser to make Alphatronics’ latest innovation known.

The visual result


Jos Herrebrugh

Managing Director, Alphatronics

“We chose C4Real, because they are experienced in creating films for technical companies like ours. Their broad experience gave us confidence to work with them.”


3D images visualize innovation

After an initial version, I indicated what I wanted to change. C4Real picked this up so quickly that we got to the end product in no time, which saved a lot of time and therefore costs. We made a combination of 3D and 2D images. The emphasis is on 3D because there’s a lot of movement. That way you can really see how innovative the UNii system is. On the advice of C4Real, we consciously opted for an animated film in this style with lots of 3D images, which makes you feel like a part of the film.”


Focus on introducing the concept

Clear visualization

By putting focus on introducing the new concept, a difficult product to communicate has been clearly visualized . That way, the client isn't overwhelmed by information, but triggered to want to learn more. “The presentation was very well received. The reactions of our customers to the new system are very good, the animation has made a good visual impression. The teaser was a great start. Now it’s time to share it and make follow-up animations about the different features of the UNii system, such as the new configuration software. The teaser itself already invites us to have a conversation and that’s exactly what we want.”

Alphatronics UNii in images

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