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Retail hologram visualization

Client Asics Services
C4Real uses hologram visualizations in an optimal way

In shops, you will generally not see many unique visual ways to properly promote new products, until now. With a combination of spectacular visual content and the Hypebox, we make a change in the retail environment.

The Hypebox is a transparent touchscreen that allows for interactive digital content to be displayed over an actual physical product, which comes in handy, especially in shopping environments. The final product looks stunning, which is why it is a pity that it hasn't been used in an optimal way yet. This is why we, together with Blast, created a unique use case for Asics sports shoes to be used for retail purposes. We allow the shoe of Asics to be shown in all its glory whilst at the same time giving people the opportunity to engage with the product on a transparent screen.

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Hero content for frontrunners

We realized the opportunity and market for better in-store content. At the moment the displays commonly found in stores are passive and don't allow for interaction with the product itself. Hypebox allows for better storytelling to your customers whilst also applying many more customizable options than a regular display would. One of those options is a 3D-exploded view of the different parts of the shoe, which then is made selectable and viewable through the touchscreen. Aside from retail cases like Asics, there are even more opportunities in other industries, such as with museums. Within a museum, the interactive technology is applicable in a way that allows interactive storytelling for different artifacts stalled within its walls. At the same time, companies could take the opportunity to show their products at fairs, in a way that most of their competitors would not think of. By making use of the Hypebox we make the switch from watching to real customer engagement.

The visual end result


Nick ten Berge

Co-owner & managing director blast

“The return on investment is achieved with the Hypebox in various ways. First of all, you have a much higher awareness, which is of course difficult to measure. What is measurable is that you can test in stores with the Hypebox whether video or interaction is more successful. Understanding what really works in Retail? That is very valuable.”



Product branding on a higher level

In the end, we decided to combine 2D and 3D animation in order to visualize what makes the Asics shoe so special. And what the technique and technology of Hypebox add for product promotional purposes. This new approach leads to an increase in client conversion, this is of course due to offering more fun and engaging a way for the customer to get to know their products. The transparent screen of the Hypebox allows you to have a unique promotional strategy. It creates new and creative interaction between customers and the products they are considering buying. We show off in a dynamic way in a static shopping environment. The unique visual application with products allows Asics, and other companies, to provide customers with all the necessary information in a clear, concise, and visually engaging way.

ASICS retail hologram visualization in images

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