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Smart identification system

Award winning military concept

Under the name of Project OOG and in partnership with TNO, NLR, TenCate and Saxion Hogescholen, Thales has won an innovation award on the subject of friendly fire.

Friendly fire continues to be a recurrent problem during hostilities in war zones. C4Real has developed a 3D product animation that shows how friendly fire can be prevented.

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Contribution to safety

The innovation awards committee, potential future customers and the internal organisations of the parties working in partnership must be able to see and understand how the product can contribute towards the safety of military personnel.

Thales smart identification system visualized


Chera Bekker

Cyber Defense Chief Engineer, Thales

"C4Real was able to translate the question and the intention behind to a screen and visualize it."


Advantage of product

Without technical knowledge of the project, we developed a 3D product animation that makes the product’s benefits quickly apparent. As a result, the parties concerned can see why the product can contribute towards the safety of military personnel.

The 3D product animation was a great success because of its persuasive impact on the innovations committee, which decided to lend its financial support to the project in its second phase of development.

Thales smart identification system in images

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