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The evolution of grass

The evolution of artificial grass

TenCate Grass specializes in artificial grass sports fields that are used all over the world for various sports. For this C4Real has developed a 3D animation to introduce a new artificial turf. But in a special way, namely by visualizing the evolution of artificial grass.

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Users of artificial grass fields often think easily about the subsoil. For this reason, TenCate Grass wanted to show how fast and advanced the development of artificial grass has been. In short: an overview from the past to what it is today. By showing the entire evolution of artificial grass from 1960 to now, TenCate Grass also demonstrates their value in the chain. At the same time, it is a product film, but also a division film for TenCate Grass and a corporate film. That is how we prefer to develop our films. In this case everything fell into place naturally.

TenCate the evolution of artificial grass visualized


Jaap de Carpentier Wolf

Head Corporate Communication

“The result of creating this visual experience is incalculable in value. The whole process, plus the eventual film, helped us tremendiously in our external and internal communication.”


Futuristic and holographic

The film is performed in a futuristic setting where you get holographic projections from famous top athletes playing on artificial grass. The grass mats are projected onto columns so that it fits exactly in the film. In addition, photography has also been used for applications: hockey, football and American football. In slow-motion you see them making intensive actions on the artificial grass, to show that it is high-quality material. As a result, the film speaks to target groups at various levels, both buyers and athletes.

TenCate the evolution of artifical grass in images

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