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Attractive promotional film

Client De Museumfabriek Services
De Museumfabriek as a single entity

Everyone has set foot in a museum at some point in their lives. This may be a museum that introduces you to certain works of art or a certain era. De Museumfabriek in Enschede is not a traditional museum like this. It is not located in a typical museum building and it is not a museum where you can only look at all the special objects from a distance. On the contrary: it is a museum where you are surprised, amazed and get to work yourself. You end up in different worlds: the worlds of nature, technology, art and culture. But how do you show the collections coherently and get to know the museum as a whole? C4Real was asked this question and came up with the solution: a unique promotional film that takes you through the museum and conveys the experience.

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Attracting the target group in a catchy way?

An atmospheric promotional film as a solution!

With the help of an atmospheric promotional film, C4real lets you experience a visit to De Museumfabriek. You are drawn inside from the outside. A young visitor looks at everything there is to see and joins in. You walk past animals, paintings and authentic vehicles. The entire collection passes by in the promotional film. With drone technology, various cameras and a specially composed audio line, everything has been done to make the film as beautiful and professional as possible. An atmosphere was created that really suits De Museumfabriek. Special attention was paid to the smooth transitions to make the various collections into one.

De Museumfabriek visualized


Nikkie Olde Monnikhof

Head of Public Affairs

"During the process, storyboards made it increasingly clear what we did and did not want in the promotional film. C4Real could empathize with this. They were able to contribute ideas and were open to our ideas. The end result is a beautiful promotional film that conveys the experience of the museum just right."


Using brainstorming sessions to achieve the desired result

The process

A number of brainstorming sessions gave us ideas about what we wanted in the promotional film. Nikki Olde Monnikhof (Head of Public at De Museumfabriek) says: "It was a process in which, with the help of storyboards it became increasingly clear what we did and did not want in the promotional film. C4Real was able to empathize well with us. They were able to think along in the spirit of the organization and were also open to our ideas. The cooperation was very pleasant". Nikki continues: "what's more, they have many different talents at their organization. For every specific question a good answer or solution came back from the relevant specialism, which was very nice."


The added value of a good promotional film

The end result

As a final result, C4Real has made a beautiful promotional film that conveys the experience of the museum in exactly the right way. It brings out the adventurous, the creative and the curious. It creates expectations of what is to come. It gives a very good picture of the museum as a whole. Nikki Olde Monnikhof: "We are very happy to have done this together. Presenting the museum as the wonderful place it is, it comes across completely in the film. It's beautifully done", Nikki concludes.

De Museumfabriek in images

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