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Visualised power and sustainability

Impressive visualistion for sales meetings and trade fairs

For our American client A&P Technology, we first went on a business visit to Cincinnati. This seventh generation family business manufactures composite fabric called QISO in a very special way. Thanks to the tri-directional diagonal weaving structure, the end product is much stronger and more sustainable. Moreover, there is less waste, because the material does not have to be specially fixed in the design phase based on the tensile strength and can thus be used to maximum effect.

All in all, it is a fine product that impresses us. We quickly thought of a way of visualizing the many benefits of QISO, so they can also impress during sales meetings and at trade fairs and thus increase sales conversion.

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From proposition to operation

For starters, we drew up an attractive proposition for QISO with an initial proposal for a visual design. In this promotional film, we present market segments in which the material is used. It also includes some measure of technology, because the decision-makers at the other end of the table often come from a technology background. All benefits are touched upon, making it a visual series of benefits that are nevertheless very easy to grasp.

QISO Composites


Molly Dingeldein

Marketing Manager, A&P Technology

"We're very happy with the result and use it everywhere."


Added value quickly presents itself

For the market in which A&P Technology is active, a 3D animation as this one is very progressive. It allows them to quickly make clear how they are providing added value. They are no longer required to discuss everything in detail; they can simply show it now. This results in enormous gains for the company in terms of communicating their proposition. This just goes to show that proper visualization is an investment that simply pays for itself.

QISO Composites in images

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