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Van concept tot realiteit: Ontdek de tijdlijn van het creëren van een virtuele showroom

Published on 09 June 2023 by C4Real

With the emergence of an increasingly digital world, virtual showrooms have become more popular. They allow companies to present their products and services to their customers in an interesting way. All without having to be physically present. But how long does it actually take to create such a virtual showroom? In this blog we are going to discuss the process and give you an idea of the length of time it takes to have a good virtual showroom created.

Planning and concept development

The process of having a virtual showroom created begins with planning and developing a concept. This means mapping out the objectives, accurately defining the desired features and determining the target audience. The length of this process varies depending on the difficulty and scope of the project, but can take weeks to months.

Design and visualization

The next phase is to design and visualize the virtual showroom. The interface, user experience and interactive elements are then conceptualized. This is done by making sketches, 3D visualizations and creating an attractive visual design. The duration of this phase can range from several weeks to a month, depending on the difficulty of the virtual showroom and the availability of design and graphics specialists.


Ubbink concept sketch

Content creation
Bringing the virtual showroom to life requires good and relevant content. This includes product images, videos, descriptions and other media elements that present the products or services. The duration of this phase depends on the amount and complexity of the content needed and can range from a few days to weeks and sometimes even months.

The technical part of creating a virtual showroom includes developing the necessary functionalities. This includes adding interactive elements, integrating the content and ensuring a solid user experience. The duration of this phase depends on the complexity and skills of the development team.

Testing and optimization
Once the virtual showroom is created, it is thoroughly tested to ensure that everything works properly and the goals are met. Any errors are adjusted, and optimizations are made to improve performance and user experience. This phase can vary from a few days to weeks, depending on the complexity of the virtual showroom and testing procedures.

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