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The results of a 3D animation

Are you considering a 3D animation? This article will discuss how a 3D animation can benefit you and the advantages of 3D animations compared to other types of animations.

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The purpose of a 3D animation

In 3D animations, objects appear to move through three-dimensional space. Using modern software, these animations create a sense of depth and perspective. This is where 3D animations differ from the more traditional 2D animations. In 2D animations, the image often lacks depth and gives off a 'flat' feeling. For this reason, 3D animations are very popular in the marketing industry. The technique is very suitable for presenting products (or prototypes). The three-dimensional image allows you to demonstrate the product from all sides. You can also show details you cannot display with other animation techniques.

Use case 3D animation for AkzoNobel

In this 3D animation a very difficult topic is doing visualised: Chemistry. People that are not a part of the bubble of knowledge have a rough time visualising that all of these complex chemicals do. Making use of a 3D animation has allowed AkzoNobel to clearly and concisely explain what they do, which is something that without a visual effect would have been near impossible to do. Being able to show material in a proper way could just make the difference between convincing clients or failing to do so

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What can 3D animation do for you

A 3D animation has several deliverables:

1. Effective communication and a wide range
A significant advantage of 3D animations is that you can communicate effectively using this technique. Complex information is spectacularly displayed and is easy to process and absorb. In addition, 3D animations have a wide range. You can use them online in many different places (websites, newsletters, social media, etc.). Your communication also improves greatly when using a 3D animation. The message is better received by the viewer, you can provide more information, and the information is remembered longer. This applies to all forms of animation, but the effect is even more significant for 3D animations because it offers a hyper-realistic image. That brings us to the next point:

2. Branding: high-quality content
Because 3D animation creators use the latest software, they can produce detailed and dynamic images. The 3D image (with depth and perspective) makes it sometimes difficult to distinguish this type of animation from reality. You can show small details and complex movements in these animations. You can effortlessly move around objects and zoom in on them. 3D animations allow you to make an impact by using lifelike and compelling visualisations for your marketing.

3. 3D animations: attention grabbers
3D animations draw the viewer's attention. That is their ultimate distinguishing feature. Animations generally always attract more attention than static images or plain text. But due to the high quality, level of realism and spectacular features, 3D animations attract and retain even more attention. If you want to promote your products or distinguish yourself in the way you advertise, you should choose 3D animation. Its high quality ensures you can professionally market yourself as a brand or company. Furthermore, using modern animations can make the viewer trust your organisation and the message you want to convey. In short, if you're going to position yourself as a front runner or maintain your position, 3D animation is a perfect solution for your communication tools.

4. Cost-effective due to versatility
3D animations are known for their high return on investment (ROI), which means their use is cost-effective. Thanks to the different advantages of 3D animations (high quality, effective communication and wide range), this animation can be very profitable. In the long run, these animations usually generate additional profits because once a 3D animation has been developed, it can be used for different goals. The 3D animation can be used to render 3D images that eliminate the need for photography. These images can be used for product photography, for instance. In case of a product update or when you need more images, you don't have to rebuild the entire studio; you simply adjust the model in 3D or rotate the product and then render the images to create a new set of realistic 3D photos. That can be very cost-effective. In addition, the 3D animation model can be used for other purposes and alternative 3D animations, saving on subsequent investments for content development.

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