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  • Let success speak for itself.
  • Offer your customers a peer review.
  • Allow your ambassadors to have their say.

Insider tip

Allow leads to see how others have implemented your products and services and convince them to follow suit. A joint sense of pride.

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A joint sense of pride

That deserves a spotlight

Sometimes you want to give extra attention to a successful campaign, project or event. Or maybe you want to stand out more as an organisation. Then a case film is a great way to place your success case in the spotlights. And of course, preferably together with your customers via a video testimonial. This is how you create joint pride.

Hear it from someone else

A case film is a great way to let your customers speak. Let them tell through a video testimonial how satisfied they are with your service or product. By letting your customers tell how nice and successful your products are experienced, you create very credible product reviews that are great for persuading potential customers. Plus, you reinforce the bond with your current customers, they become real ambassadors.

And the award goes to …

Currently many organisations strive for a certain award. To be nominated for this the jury often requests proof. A case film can really help you with this. By clearly picturing your success you create more persuasion and therefore more chance on this wanted award. 


Meanwhile, it is no longer a secret that films score well on your website, social media and e-mail campaigns. In the digital world, it increasingly involves images. So if you want to let someone know that you have made or done something great, you can best promote this with a video. You can easily share this via Social Media or on your website. But also during a sales talk it is nice to be able to show why this potential customer should choose you. Provide overwhelming proof!


With a case film you can show the success of your customers. Indirectly this is of course the success of your organisation. Plus, there are also other ways to show what your organisation or product does or what it stands for. With a business film for example you clearly show who you are or use a 3D product configurator so customers can compose and order your products to their own taste. We gladly to tell you more about the possibilities of the products of C4Real.

Would you like to know more about the applications of a case film? Or would you like to know more about the services of C4Real? Please do not hesitate to contact us.

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