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  • Create consistency in all videos and animations.
  • Provide a manual for the correct use of your visual communications.
  • Increase (consumer) awareness in respect of all visual communications.

Insider tip

By implementing a motion style guide, you will be providing a manual that can be used by all stakeholders for the purpose of maintaining the uniformity and consistency of your corporate identity in film and animation.

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Create consistency and consumer awareness


A motion style guide ensures for uniformity in all moving media. It offers handles for designing and styling films, animation or Virtual Reality applications. It is literally a manual for dealing with the corporate identity of your organisation in moving media. This way you ensure consistency.

Optimal result

You have had an impressive film and/or a distinctive 3D animation made. Thereby also additional image material to ensure extra recognition. How can you now ensure that all this visual content is styled the same way? That your target group sees that it comes from your organisation? And that it does not become a hodgepodge of different styles? A motion style guide offers the solution for this. This corporate identity manual for moving media shows exactly how the corporate identity must be applied on all moving media, for consistent branding of your brand and products. This creates a clear and recognisable line in your palette of on- and offline media.

Increase recognisability and consistency.

By using a motion style guide you increase the recognisability and consistency in all visual communication. It ensures that your contractor knows exactly how the style of the next film, animation or such, should be. So you only have to invent a strategy once and the wheel does not have to be reinvented over and over.


Well-made content can be used more often and smarter. Why only use an animation or high resolution image for a trade fair presentation? Use it also for sales talks, on the website or during management presentations. Let it be part of your marketing and communication strategy. We like to proactively provide you with input about the visual marketing for your organisation. So you get more from your investment and together we create maximum impact and an optimal conversion.

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