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3D Animation

Having a 3D Animation made

How do you visualize your product or service? Some products are simply too unique, complex or even impossible to explain in a conventional manner. Whether this has to do with the complexity of what you want to show or because it fits better in a stylistic sense; any product or process can be visualized by using 3D animations.

  • Distinctive communication
  • Simplify complex stories
  • Making an impact
  • High Quality
  • Years of experience
  • Unburdening the entire process

Distinctive 3D animations

By having a 3D animation made, you can distinguish yourself from the competition. You can, by means of 3D images, clearly and concretely show where exactly the added value of your product, solution or technology lies! By using 3D animations you can turn the essence of complex stories and the uniqueness of the solution into powerful images. This makes sales conversations a lot easier and you can show on the website what it is all about, why you should choose this solution.


Visualize complex information

3D animation makes objects visual that are otherwise sometimes hard to see with the naked eye. These can be, for example, parts of a larger whole, chemical processes or parts in space which we cannot even film. However, it is important that 3D animations are deployed in the right manner so that they contribute to achieving the objectives. For instance, we made a spectacular 3D animation for TenCate about their unique solutions in Formula 1, where communication has to cope with all sorts of contractual restrictions. This would never have been possible with other media, such as photography, video or text. By adding 3D, these objectives were achieved.

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Benefits of 3D Animation


Short time to market

Even before the product is produced it can be communicated to (potential) customers with a 3D animation.


Sales accelerator

By using 3D animations via online channels and via the sales team you create a larger reach, you create pull instead of push and customers are convinced more quickly.


High ROI

Through the use of 3D animations, our clients have been able to win million dollar deals with very complex and difficult to showcase products.

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Martin Wagner

Content Marketing Manager (external), Pentair

"In addition to 3D visualizations, C4Real also develops 3D stills, corporate and product films and interactive product explorers in which Pentair World keeps coming back, but also our philosophy on hygiene, sustainability and optimization. We use the content for many channels: trade fairs and online are the main focus. The next projects are already in the pipeline, and I'm looking forward to them."

Creating visual stories?


3D product animation

By using 3D production animation we can visualize all the details of products. Details that are not visible to the naked eye, details for which you should actually be able to try out the product and also we can highlight what problem the product solves for the customer.

More about 3D product visualization

Interactive 3D animations

Do you really want to give your target group an impressive experience? Interactive 3D animations are a technical tour de force that you can use to let your target audience get to grips with the product themselves. For example, you can make a product clickable; by clicking on certain parts, the image zooms in on this specific part or extra information is shown. But you could also think of a product configurator that allows customers to put together a product in components or colors according to their wishes.

Read more about virtual showrooms

Years of experience

Since our start in 2007, we have been visualizing for our (inter)national customers exactly what they want to convey to their target audience. Our strength as a 3D animation company is particularly evident in ambitious companies that want to communicate technical products more successfully in a B2B market. And ambitious our customers certainly are, because their beautiful assignments have won us several awards in the field of 3D animation in recent years!

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C4Real Martin Wagner Content Marketing Manager

"We asked C4Real to create an animation of the design of the Arrowhead 140. It's not in us to make something out of this that is understandable to everyone. That's where C4Real jumped in. I think they did a very good job of making an animation within the given time and with quite a few additions like water simulation."

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