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3D Product Rendering

Create a 3D product rendering

Created an awesome 3D animation for a product launch? But how to handle platforms, media and communications where you prefer pictures or photographs over moving images? With 3D product rendering we create ‘stills’ of products and solutions so they can be used in all your static communications.

  • Cost effective
  • Replacement for photography
  • multi-purpose
  • High quality
  • Cannot be distinguished from the real thing
  • visualize each product in detail

Still perfection

There are plenty of situations that need static images to get information across. We often combine moving images with stills. Once a moving product demo has been created, we can use these stills for product communications that need static images. Think of your website, brochures, PowerPoints and trade fair stands. A perfect solution for a coherent campaign.


3D product rendering is the new trend

A 3D product render is increasingly the preferred choice over product photography as it offers many advantages. Products may be shown from all angles, specific elements can be highlighted with product updates, replacing them is quick and simple and requires no new set-up, arrangements and creation process.  And all kinds of situations may be simulated that are very hard to realize in reality. The options are endless.

Advantages of 3D Product Rendering


Cost effective

In relation to photography, 3D product rendering quickly pays for itself through efficiency.



Easily depict and modify products in all kinds of situations and from all angles.


Short time to market

Even before the product is produced, it can be communicated to (potential) customers with a 3D product rendering.

3D Product rendering use cases

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Jasper Kolbrink

Digital & Content Manager, Thales

"We asked C4Real to create an animation of the design of the Arrowhead 140. It's not in us to make something out of this that is understandable to everyone. That's where C4Real jumped in. I think they did a very good job of making an animation within the given time and with quite a few additions like water simulation."

Creating visual stories?


Exploded views

The main advantage of a 3D product render with respect to photography is that we can present the product as exploded view. An exploded view means that we can “decompose” the product; in other words show the various components in a finished product. This will immediately show the target group the design without losing the overview of the final product.


Visualizing the product as a solution

For many of our customers, the product they deliver is part of a larger system. It is important to visualize not only the product but also the solution. What does the product do for the customer? And what does the environment in which this solution is provided look like? We do this by visualizing both the part and the system and the environment in which it provides a solution. For example, think of a composite floor as a product, in a military vehicle, providing a solution in war zones.


3D model as basis for visual means

The realization of 3D product renders requires 3D models. We often create this model on the basis of a technical 3D model of the customer, or we engineer a model ourselves. Next to 3D product renders, the visual 3D model can also be used to create a 3D animation, virtual showroom, product configurator or instruction video. A solid basis to achieve more impact and a wider reach with your product communication.


Years of experience

We have been visualizing various complex products and processes such as engines, high-tech systems, ships, installation techniques and engineering processes since 2007. Through our years of experience we know exactly how to make complex stories visually understandable for your target audience.

Succesful together with Nouryon

Check the testimonial
C4Real Haimo Tonnaer Digital Customer Experience Manager, Nouryon

"Of course C4Real knows better than anyone how to translate such complicated material into visual language, but it goes further than that. From the very first meeting they show that they really want to delve into the matter. They ask the right questions, do the research and thus ensure the best end result. Because the quality is always top notch."

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