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AR, VR and MR

Augmented, Virtual and Mixed Reality

Through augmented, virtual & mixed reality, customers, colleagues or prospects can view products, processes or spaces in the virtual world we create. Interactive VR, AR and MR solutions make an impression your customers will remember and ensure maximum impact!

  • Lifelike digital image experience
  • Interact with reality
  • Innovative visual technology
  • An indelible impression

An innovative visual application

The popularity of AR, VR & MR has been increasing step by step in recent years. They are often deployed as innovative solutions for businesses to show that their innovative operations are aimed at the future in order to gain a competitive advantage over their competitors. And that’s exactly what AR, VR and MR do. Companies that present their AR, VR and MR solutions on trade fairs and during events, get a lot of attention. It will offer your target group an interactive visual experience they will remember for a long time.


High user engagement

Virtual, augmented and mixed reality place users in a virtual world in which they can view objects virtually from a 360 degree perspective, interact with the environment and even move around freely. The application creates a higher level of engagement because a virtual situation or world offers the experience of really being there and taking part.  This makes it a unique experience with a big impact on the user.

Benefits of Augmented, Virtual and Mixed Reality



The technology is still fairly new with unprecedented possibilities.



The possibilities are endless and create positive impact on users.


High user engagement

The experience is so realistic that it creates high engagement.

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AR, VR and MR explained

Although the terms are often used randomly, actually there are differences between augmented reality, virtual reality and mixed reality. A VR experience often takes place through glasses that will only show the virtual world. For example, to have a look at a new home that still needs to be built. Augmented reality glasses add elements to the actual reality. A pop-up about the reality in front of you may appear in your glasses, with the specifications of a product e.g. Mixed reality combines both of these technologies. Realistic 3D images in the real world. The perfect combination for innovative products and showing scenarios that do (yet) not exist or that cannot be shown in any other manner. Think of a new real estate project or a large machine that is not available at the location. 


VR Training

Virtual Reality is increasingly deployed in staff training. Especially in case of limited contact and travel options, VR training offers a perfect solution to train personnel digitally in a hyper-realistic 3D environment. Trainees feel that they are training in the actual environment which makes them experience the sessions as ‘real’.  Research shows that VR Training is up to 50% more effective because participants train certain situations or scenarios instead of reading them or just looking at them.


Products in the virtual world

So you have this special product or service. But it is fairly technical or maybe presenting it to a customers is difficult because it’s very big or part of a larger system. You may even still be in the development or production phase but want to show your customers a preview. In a virtual product presentation, products are visualized so your customers will never forget the experience. For example, presenting a big radar system on a full-scale ship where the viewer can walk around it to see its position with respect to other crucial systems.


A 360-degree Virtual Tour

Looking at a space, product or process from all sides without actually being there? A 360 degree VR environment makes this possible! The viewer can literally look around 360 degrees with VR glasses - on your website, mobile phone or even on social media! This is also called a 360 degree (virtual) tour. This way, you can visit a business, location or unique spot where you cannot or may not go in real life. For example an event location, cleanroom or OR. This makes it an excellent tool in marketing and/or media campaigns

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C4Real Hendrie ter Harmsel Agile Product Manager, Achmea

"We achieved exactly the desired result. We don't have the knowledge of VR and C4Real clearly does. I am very happy that they were able to translate our thinking into a working application."

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