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Corporate film

Corporate film

Create a corporate film

By shaping your identity visually you create engagement with your target groups, from employees to customers and stakeholders. But also when recruiting employees or during the onboarding process, a corporate film is an impressive tool.

  • The company's brand story and vision
  • An indelible impression
  • Commitment by all stakeholders
  • The value proposition in focus

Creating committment with a company video

Leaving a good impression in a short time: it seems so simple. And yet, it often appears to be difficult to show a complex company story in a short video of 2 to 3 minutes. In this world, in which information becomes available faster all the time, it has turned out to be very important to be successful in it. For, you want to motivate both your customers and employees and get them involved in a short period of time.


The company's vision in focus

We believe that image and sound are becoming increasingly important when it comes to reaching, informing and activating your target group. Of course you also want your company story to be seen and experienced by (potential) customers. Therefore we listen carefully to your story and the goals you want to achieve with the corporate film. From there we bring the whole thing to life and help it to be successful.

Advantages of a corporate film


Increase engagement

A corporate film creates pride and commitment throughout the organization.



Leave an inpact and lasting impression in just a few minutes.


Increase brand value

Portray your company's vision by translating it into an ambitious film that matches your brand positioning and appeals to the target audience.

Watch successful corporate film cases


Biba Visnjicky

Managing Director, Fraunhofer Project Center

"C4Real took very good time to get to know us and we could slowly get used to their way of working. It was definitely a process. As a final result, they managed to translate our core values into a 3D animation, film, 2D animation and stills. That is very clever and really a quality."

Creating visual stories?


An innovative look

By depicting your vision in an innovative way, it gives your company a future-proof and modern look. A vision is often about the new technologies that you have integrated into the current offering. With a video you show these new technologies, how progressive you work and what impact you will realize in the market in which you operate. For many companies, this is a way to market your innovative vision and impact and thus increase your brand value.


Enhancing your visual content strategy

When developing a corporate film with which you want to make a successful impact, it is important that you lay a solid foundation first. We will do that by starting with the set-up of a visual content strategy together. In it, we look at the objectives, target audiences, personas and whether there are existing campaigns it has to be consistent with. Given all this, we will always look for a comprehensive solution. This may imply the creation of several visual means, of which the company video forms part. But it can also mean that during the strategic trajectory we conclude that a company video is not the best solution to achieve your objectives.

Together succesful with Nouryon

Check the testimonial
C4Real Haimo Tonnaer Digital Customer Experience Manager, Nouryon

"Of course C4Real knows better than anyone how to translate such complicated material into visual language, but it goes further than that. From the very first meeting, they show that they really want to delve into the subject matter. They ask the right questions, do the research and thus ensure the best end result. Because the quality is always top notch."

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