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Explainer video

Sharing complex information through an explainer video

You know your product better than anyone, but does the target audience understand it as well? An explanation animation or ‘explanimation’ is a 2D or 3D animation made to explain complex information in a simple manner by means of images. Complicated product information can be shown and explained clearly in an animation, often supported by audio. The advantage of an explanation animation is that you can take somebody step by step through all the information surrounding a product, solution, technology or service. 

  • Simplify complicated stories
  • Easy to understand
  • suitable for onboarding
  • Suitable for training and instruction

Get more out of products and services

With a good explanation animation of one or two minutes you capture the attention and viewers are far more likely to remember your explanation. Besides, you can tell and show much more by means of an explanation animation. Another added advantage is that the viewer can always watch the video again and take the information in once again.


Simplifying complex subject matters

Complex subject matters are sometimes hard to explain. For the development of a successful explanation animation, we delve deeply into all information about your product, solution, technology or service. Only if we fully understand that, will we be able to determine what is important, complex and indispensable and how to translate this into imagery. It is important that the message comes across in the right way, whilst not losing professionality. Together with you, we will contrive to visualize your knowledge in an understandable manner for your target audience. We always do this in line with your objectives and style. This way, the explanation animation will always be in keeping with your visual content strategy.

Advantages of explainer videos



Explain the core of the proposition in a short and concise way that informs customers at lightning speed.


Sales accelerator

Customers know immediately what solution you have for his or her problem.


Short time to market

Communicate your solution quickly and at an early stage to your target group.

Creating visual stories?


Explainer video for instruction and training

Showing customers how to work with a product? Or take employees along in a certain way of working? By using explainer videos you take the viewer step by step through the process. This simple way of instructing and training makes it easy for everyone to follow and understand.


Explainer video for onboarding

New colleagues often have to remember a lot of information. Processes, products and services: during onboarding they often overflow with all the information that is given to them. The onboarding process is also a difficult process to manage and often subject to change. What if you could provide new employees, per function, with the right explanainer videos that he or she needs? Then they can look back at it later without always having to pull the sleeve of other colleagues.

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C4Real Hendrie ter Harmsel Agile Product Manager, Achmea

"We achieved exactly the desired result. We don't have the knowledge of VR and C4Real clearly does. I am very happy that they were able to translate our thinking into a working application."

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