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Instruction video

Successful online training with an instructional film

Over the past years, training that requires a physical presence has not always turned out to be feasible, for example due to corona. Consequently, online training has grown enormously. We have all experienced the fact that it enables you to train your employees, customers or trainees just as well. Often enough you can train them even better because online you can work more with pictures and sound. That opens the possibility of visualizing and enhancing instructions or parts of the training with 3D animations, film or virtual reality.

  • Securing knowledge
  • Visual learning
  • Higher user engagement
  • Integrate into e-learning systems
instructie video

Visualizing processes, safety and products

Informing employees of how a certain process works? Or training them in procedures they have to follow, for instance? Or showing them how a product must be installed? An instruction video is an excellent tool for this. We make product installations, safety training and troubleshooting videos easily available online. 

instructie video

Impact trough interaction

Whether you want to see your own employees in the video or actors, we shall be happy to direct it and guide you through the entire process. In this context, we may make use of video images, 2D or 3D animation. Besides, nowadays increasingly more use is made of interactive instruction videos in which a trainee is placed in a simulated situation by means of virtual reality.

Advantages of instruction video


Securing knowledge

Secure knowledge in the organization by visually capturing it that is often in the minds of various (senior) employees.


Increase involvement

When people have a good understanding of what is expected of them and why they are doing something it creates commitment and better output.


High ROI

Training videos pay for themselves quickly through better instructed trainees

See our succesful instruction video cases


Wendy Wind

International Marketing Manager, Brink Climate Systems

"We succeeded in our goal of establishing a clear visual line that we can build on into the future. Our animations with fixed Brink voice-over are clearly 'family' of each other. We also post our animations on our website and share them on social media for greater reach."

Creating visual stories?


Online training as an additional earnings model

Instruction videos enable you to share knowledge where and when it suits the participant. We make the content independent from the device, so the online training can be followed on any device. This way you demonstrate thought leadership and show you are a forerunner of knowledge and experience. You can also perfectly deploy this service as a new earnings model by applying it in the right manner within the scope of your content strategy.


An online academy for thought leadership

Whether it concerns suppliers you haven’t seen for a while, (prospective) customers you haven’t been able to visit for months or your valued employees: with an online academy you can still keep them updated on the latest developments. You can demonstrate your vocational knowledge and offer personalized instructions and training to anyone who wants.

Succesful together with Nouryon

Check the testimonial
C4Real Haimo Tonnaer Digital Customer Experience Manager, Nouryon

"Of course C4Real knows better than anyone how to translate such complicated material into visual language, but it goes further than that. From the very first meeting they show that they really want to delve into the matter. They ask the right questions, do the research and thus ensure the best end result. Because the quality is always top notch."

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