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Interactive 3D

Successful interactive 3D visualizations

C4Real has years of experience in creating 3D animations and interactive 3D visualizations. Some products are simply too unique to be explained in the normal way. This can be down to the complexity of the product, it's innovativeness or because it is stylistically better suited to this method of presentation. With the use of interactive 3D, complex and unique products can be displayed interactively in an optimal way. They are clear and more accessible to the target group because they themselves have control over what they want to see in the interactive 3D solution.

  • 360 degrees 3D product experience
  • Greater user engagement
  • Products with tailor-made configuration
  • Make an impact
  • User analytics
  • An indelible impression

The ultimate online experience in 3D

Should you have a complex product that you want your customers to see and discover from all sides, 'Interactive 3D' is the ultimate solution. Exceed the expectations of (potential) customers by using these dynamic and interactive 3D models or 3D environments for construction projects, for example. They can see the product themselves from every angle by turning the 3D model in all manner of ways. Let them zoom in on every detail or unfold the product with an exploded view so they can experience the advantages of the product: they will get an indelible impression!


Accelerate the sales process

Interactive 3D attracts the attention of your customer! The customer can view every detail using the 3D model. The advantages of the product are then immediately visible and easy to understand. The complexities that can get in the way of a purchase are thus considerably reduced. The customer can make a quicker decision to buy the product, because he or she can fully discover the product and gain an impressive and positive association with it. For even greater engagement, let the customer configure the product according to his or her needs using all the options that you present to the customer. That way he immediately sees what he gets! If that doesn't make an impact!

Benefits of interactive 3D


Short time-to-market

With interactive 3D, products can be brought to the market even before they are ready for production. This shortens the time-to-market!


Sales accelerator

With interactive 3D, customers can see all the details of a product for themselves and experience the benefits. This also enables them to decide on the purchase more quickly, so the desired turnover is also achieved sooner!


High ROI

Clients know exactly what product they are buying, or even ordering it tailor-made, allows the production process and marketing to be tuned more accurately. This pays off in a higher ROI!

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Martin Wagner

Content Marketing Manager, Pentair

"In addition to 3D visualizations, C4Real also develops 3D stills, corporate and product films and interactive product explorers in which Pentair World keeps coming back, but also our philosophy on hygiene, sustainability and optimization. We use the content for many channels: trade fairs and online are the main focus. The next projects are already in the pipeline, and I'm looking forward to them."

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Clear summary of product options

What does a product look like in a different colour, environment or if it is made of a different material? Or is another size more suitable? The options for products can sometimes be endless. Interactive 3D models make it unnecessary to show an image of each product version. With this technique clients do not need to call to discuss the options. Instead they put the product together themselves according to their wishes. Interactive 3D gives you more space, and your clients more freedom and independence.


Understanding client requirements

With interactive 3D there is the option of linking user analytics. Then you will always know which products with which specifications sell the most, who your clients are, and which marketing campaigns work best. It also helps to optimize the product and the production process by providing a better understanding of what clients actually want.


Years of experience

Since our start in 2007, we have been visualizing for our (inter)national customers exactly what they want to convey to their target audience. Our strength as a 3D animation company is particularly evident in ambitious companies that want to communicate technical products more successfully in a B2B market. And ambitious our customers certainly are, because their beautiful assignments have won us several awards in the field of 3D animation in recent years!

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C4Real Hendrie ter Harmsel Agile Product Manager, Achmea

"We achieved exactly the desired result. We don't have the knowledge of VR and C4Real clearly does. I am very happy that they were able to translate our thinking into a working application. The creativity and the knowledge of the project team makes us proud to share this project with our employees and our clients. This way we can bring our IT-architecture closer to our employees and I really believe that there the future lies.

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