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Online Event

Online Event

Reach your target audience with online events

Over the past years, online events have appeared to be valuable. Since everybody can tune into everything and participate, you can easily access your target audience. Apart from the fact that people no longer have to travel to get to an event, it saves time, space and energy. And not only that, an online event enables you to give the target audience specifically targeted information. Do they want to follow a webinar only about subject matter X and not subject matter Y? No problem, because they do not have to sit through the entire series. Thanks to our experience with online events, we know exactly how to offer participants the best experience. So, we take away your worries with regard to your online event by directing it and as such organizing and facilitating everything from A to Z.

  • Lead generation during the event
  • Accessible anywhere
  • Total care from A to Z
  • Distinctive
  • Cost effective
  • Perfect brand integration
Online Event

High-impact online events

Product launching, a congress, a webinar, livestreams or online training: we help you find an online event suitable for your target audience. Are you afraid that the experience and impact are less in the case of an online event? Research has shown that people who watch the introduction of a new iPhone digitally are just as overwhelmed as the people in the audience. That’s the type of successful experience we always go for!

Online Evenement

Higher conversion through your online audience

Whether or not you yourself already work with a certain online platform, such as Microsoft Teams or Zoom, or whether you want our advice as to which is the best platform for your online event: we have worked with a great variety of systems and software and are able to provide valuable advice on them. Apart from the platform being used, it is important that the visitors can find the event and register easily. Therefore, we will contribute with ideas throughout the entire process. From registration methods and invites to the development of the presentations and from press promotion to social media campaigns to reach the target audience.

Advantages of online events


Lead Generation

With online events, potential customers and leads enter your sales funnel directly because they register and their behavior and needs become transparent.


Accessible anywhere

Online events are digitally accessible from anywhere in the world.


Cost effective

Time, space, travel and therefore costs are saved compared to physical events.


Hendrie ter Harmsel

Agile Product Manager, Achmea

"We achieved exactly the desired result. We don't have the knowledge of VR and C4Real clearly does. I am very happy that they were able to translate our thinking into a working application."

Creating visual stories?


We help putting the online event on the right track

We understand that for some organizations it is rather a lot to ask. Setting up an online event is a big thing and requires a few helping hands. Therefore, we will be right by your side throughout the process to put everything on the right track. From the ticketing to the fleshing out of your event. For, whether you want to give life presentations in a professional studio setting, show content recorded in advance or have people meeting in groups: we definitely have the best solution in our portfolio. Besides, we take away all your worries with regard to picture and sound, design, speakers, day’s chairpersons and the recording during the online event.


The connection with customers and leads

Whether it's suppliers you haven't met in a while, potential customers you haven't been able to visit in months or your valued clientele: you can reach them all with an online event. We're happy to help you figure out how to do that. For example, we arrange a studio to match, possibly with a green screen. From the control room we provide the live recordings and of course we also ensure that the stream is available at all times.


An online event as a live stream

Many people believe that an online event is only a livestream. In general, this is true but certainly not always. Just like the rest of your communications, an online event must be in line with your targets, make an impact and motivate people. Then it is sometimes very convenient to direct and record shots in advance so that you have a better control over what is being communicated. A combination of images recorded in advance and a livestream in which questions are answered is a perfect solution in such a case.

Succesful together with Pentair

Check the testimonial
C4Real Martin Wagner Content Marketing Manager, Pentair

"In addition to 3D visualizations, C4Real also develops 3D stills, corporate and product films and interactive product explorers in which Pentair World keeps coming back, but also our philosophy on hygiene, sustainability and optimization. We use the content for many channels: trade fairs and online are the main focus. The next projects are already in the pipeline, and I'm looking forward to them."

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