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Product Configurator

Create a product configurator

Enable customers to compose their ideal product themselves? A product configurator offers your customers a clear overview of the various options of your product. And this works in more ways than one; not just for your customer but for your internal sales process as well. User analytics will also clearly show the preferences and choices of your customers!

  • configure custom products
  • 360 degree product experience
  • view user analytics
  • higher user engagement
  • an indelible impression
  • linkage with CRM packages

Speed up the sales process

Once a customer has adjusted the product fully to his or her wishes, a digital quote can be sent straight-away. The specific wishes are already clear and can directly be linked to the right price. So your customer will in no-time have the information that he or she needs to decide whether or not to buy the product.


Insight into customer needs

User analytics may also be linked to a product configurator. This will offer immediate insight into which options customers choose most frequently enabling targeted marketing campaigns. It will also help you optimize the product as well as production because you know precisely what customers are looking for.

Advantages of a Product Configurator


Short time to market

Customers can have the product put together even before it is produced.


Sales accelerator

Speed up the order process by allowing customers to order the product even before it is ready for production.


High ROI

By knowing your customers' needs better, you can adjust your production and marketing accordingly.

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Creating visual stories?


Clear overview of product options

Prefer a different colour? Or different material or dimensions? Some products offer numerous options. It is impossible to create images of all those choices and still present a clear and transparent page. And although customer service is important of course, phoning each customer to go over the specs is not very practical. So wouldn’t it be great if the customer could compose the product himself and receive all desired information at the same time? A 3D Product Configurator enables customers to autonomously adjust a product to their wishes.


Optimizing the production process

We still see it all the time; customers who order items that are out of production or that have long delivery times. The result... frustrated customers. How about controlling production from a product configurator? If a specific colour is temporarily unavailable, it is removed from the configurator. With the extra advantage that once a customer has adjusted the product fully to his or her wishes, it can be sent directly to production. Very efficient, right?

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C4Real Martin Wagner Content Marketing Manager, Pentair

"In addition to 3D visualizations, C4Real also develops 3D stills, corporate and product films and interactive product explorers in which Pentair World keeps coming back, but also our philosophy on hygiene, sustainability and optimization. We use the content for many channels: trade fairs and online are the main focus. The next projects are already in the pipeline, and I'm looking forward to them."

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