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Promotional film

Commissioning a promotional film

Imagine you have a product, service or technological solution, a brand, an event or a company, and you want to excite, grab, or entertain your target group, ... make them a fan. And this preferably not just for a while, but for good. A unique, high-impact promotional film is the solution.

  • Visualize the distinctive character
  • Create more attention
  • Make impact
  • An indelible impression
  • The value proposition in focus
  • Have people enjoy the experience

Visualizing the distinctive capacity

A promotional film can make you stand out, you are different from the rest. Together we put ourselves in the shoes of your target group and create that unique combination of image and sound that exclusively fits your product, service, brand or company. The right content and in line with your DNA and brand image. This makes it a lot easier for your potential customers to understand your product or service, especially if it is difficult to explain the benefits of the product or service in words. With a promotional film you bring the value proposition into focus, while you can already let your target group enjoy the unique experience!


Making an impact on the target group

With a promotional film you make an impact among your target group. With a clear message, fitting images and the right tone of voice, it is a catchy way to inform and enthuse your target group. And an high-impact promotional film is watched, liked and shared! Picture and sound also make a uniform and universal experience possible; language barriers do not play a role so it can be used worldwide.

Advantages of a promotional film


Greater brand awareness

A high-impact promotional film will immediately increase brand awareness. This means that more (potential) customers associate your brand or company name with your product or service.


Image improvement

A promotional film that matches your DNA stands out and inspires, it is good for your image and lays the foundations for a long-term relationship.


Sales accelerator

By using a promotional film, our clients have already immediately enjoyed a greater reach with their online channels, while pull originates instead of push.

View successful promotional films


Jaap de Carpentier Wolf

Head Corporate Communication, Ten Cate

"The result of creating this visual experience cannot be expressed in value. When we started, it was not equally clear to all colleagues what the unequivocal story to the market could be, exactly because this multinational had so many different divisions worldwide. By capturing the overarching storyline in films and static images, you as the supplier and the customer are compelled to bring the story together as one. That whole process, plus the final interactive showroom, helped us enormously with our external and internal communication."

Creating visual stories?


Promotional film upgrade with 3D animations

Using 3D animation images in promotional films means we can further upgrade the promotional film. With 3D animations we can really give your target group an impressive experience and have them already become familiar with your product or service.


An innovative visual application

We see AR, VR and MR (augmented, virtual and mixed reality) steadily gaining in popularity over the years. AR, VR and MR are often used as innovative solutions with which companies want to show that they are innovative and future-oriented, with the aim of distinguishing themselves from the competition. AR, VR and MR do this without a doubt. There is a lot of interest at trade fairs and events where companies showcase AR, VR and MR applications. It offers your target group an interactive visual experience that they will not easily forget.


Years of experience

Since our start-up in 2007, for our (inter)national clients we have been visualizing exactly what they want to convey to their target group and been making high-impactful promotional films. Our strengths are clearly evident among ambitious companies that want to communicate technical products more successfully in a B2B market, while we have also made successful promotional films for numerous other organizations. We have won several awards in recent years thanks to their nice commissions!

Check the testimonial
C4Real Jasper Kolbrink Digital & Content Manager, Thales

"We asked C4Real to create an animation of the design of the Arrowhead 140. You have access to a lot of technical information when a number of technical companies come together. We are not capable of making something of this that everyone can understand. That’s where C4Real came in. I think they did an excellent job of making an animation within the given time, and with quite some additions such as a water simulation."

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