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Virtual Showroom

Create a virtual showroom

In a virtual showroom your products or processes appeal to the imagination. With a digital product portfolio, you visualize your product and service, also when it is too complex, too large, still under construction or when your physical showroom is simply too far away. With a virtual showroom adapted to your company and product, you bring the showroom to the customer.

  • Visual product portfolio
  • Increase lead conversion
  • Integration into the website
  • User analytics
  • Visual asset management tool
  • an indelible impression

The solution for digital sales

Are any of your customers located far away from your physical showroom? Then a virtual showroom is the ideal way to bring your products to the customer’s attention. A virtual showroom helps you to display products in an environment that is very recognizable to your customers. This also applies to products that cannot be taken to customers or are not visible because they are part of a larger system. Sales has a digital tool with which they can show how the product looks, how it works and what the advantages are. This way you can still take your product (digitally) to the customer!

Virtual Showroom

Powerful visualization with a strategy

We never just get going when we make content, especially not if it concerns a virtual showroom. Our many years of experience have taught us the importance of working with a visual content strategy. Starting from your objectives, target audiences and existing campaigns, we focus on a comprehensive solution that ties in with all those points. Once we have that clear, we will look at the visual means since we believe that you can only be successful after laying a proper foundation.

Benefits of a virtual showroom



Few companies use this technique, so in many cases you will be innovating from the competition!


Sales accelerator

Because your visitors get to the right solution very quickly and see the benefit, it speeds up the sales process.


High ROI

Customers quickly understand which product or service solves their problem, enter the sales funnel earlier and convert faster, increasing sales.

View successful virtual showroom cases


Biba Visnjicky

Managing Director, Fraunhofer Project Center

"C4Real took very good time to get to know us and we could slowly get used to their way of working. It was definitely a process. As a final result, they managed to translate our core values into a 3D animation, film, 2D animation and stills. That is very clever and really a quality."

Creating visual stories?


Integration in your own website

In the vast majority of cases, the virtual showrooms we create are used on websites. Therefore, we are very good at integrating them into your site. Including the associated analytics, so you can see exactly how much interaction and conversion it brings.


Interactive, intuitive and successful

By making the virtual showroom interactive, you can put your customer in control. In an intuitive way they find their way through the digital product overview. This is one of the reasons why a non-physical showroom is so successful: you create a bond with your target group.

Successful together with Pentair

Check the testimonial
C4Real Martin Wagner Content Marketing Manager, Pentair

"In addition to 3D visualizations, C4Real also develops 3D stills, corporate and product films and interactive product explorers in which Pentair World keeps coming back, but also our philosophy on hygiene, sustainability and optimization. We use the content for many channels: trade fairs and online are the main focus. The next projects are already in the pipeline, and I'm looking forward to them."

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