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Vision film

Having a vision film made

Every company or organization has a story to tell. The company wants to show what it stands for and what they are trying to achieve. This is often still very much abstract to many. With a vision film, we put the essence of this vision into words, in order for the company to properly convey its messaging to everyone.

  • The brand story and vision of the company
  • Commitment from all stakeholders
  • Visualizing the vision
  • Experiencing the vision
  • Creating an impact
  • An indelible impression

Vision, the story to success

A clear, powerful vision is the key to success. This has been proven time and time again. A vision film helps with amplifying the vision to be as clear and powerful as possible. With which film images, in which setting, and, with which look & feel does a vision become truly powerful? Which elements reinforce each other? And in which way? With a sharply defined vision, the story truly comes to life, both within the organization and beyond. It gives direction, inspires, and is unique. It is key to its company's success.


Storytelling at the highest level

Your company's vision needs to be represented adequately, by making it accessible through storytelling. Storytelling ensures that abstract visions turn into stories that focus on human experiences, impressions, and feelings. Feelings, in this aspect, stand central. In this way, every company story becomes a visual story, with meaning and purpose. We tell that story through a vision film in sound and vision. We increase and amplify the importance of vision in order to let it shine, as powerful as possible, and as impactful as possible. The result? A film that leaves an ever-lasting amongst your target group.

Advantages of a visionfilm


Clarity and direction

A vision film provides clarity in terms of the direction and course the company wants to take.


Increases involvement

A visionfilm creates pride and involvement within the entire organization.



A vision film leaves an impactful and lasting impression in just a few minutes. After all, each and every vision is unique.

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Jaap de Carpentier Wolf

Head Corporate Communication, TenCate

“The result of creating this visual experience is incalculable in value. The whole process, plus the eventual interactive showroom, helped us tremendiously in our external and internal communication.”

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Future vision in moving images

A vision film looks like a corporate film, but its message is conveyed differently. A vision film delves deeper into the 'reason why': what the company or organization wants to mean and leave for the future and/or future generations to inherit. A vision film translates the dream of the company into sound and visuals. This also makes a vision film much more emotionally oriented than a corporate film.

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Vision film with 3D animation images

In a vision film, we make use 3D animation images. With the use of 3D animations, we transform the essence of complex stories and the uniqueness of the vision into powerful images. This way we give your target group an even more impactful experience and let them truly experience your vision.

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