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Who we are and what motivates us

Our vision

We believe that ambitious B2B companies transform into frontrunners and frontrunners retain their lead when they know how to communicate their proposition to their target audience in a simple, thought-provoking and visual way.  These companies tell the story of their brand and offer a solution with which they can touch their target group and make them loyal. Our goal is to turn all our clients into success stories, so that maximum conversion is the only logical consequence.


Our promise

The C4Real team with 15 strategic, creative and technical professionals has been advising and visualizing stories ever since 2007 for (inter)national customers by means of cutting-edge techniques. Our customer has a goal, we have the knowledge, the creativity and the means to achieve those goals. Where does our strength lie? In thinking up visual communication strategies together with ambitious customers and developing solutions that distinguish them from their competition and motivate the target audience.

A visualization of how we work

From strategy to concept and creation

How do you deploy visual means in such a manner that you actually achieve conversion? Or that your target audience understands what you want to convey? For marketeers and communication specialists it is often an effort to locate the best way to deploy visual means.

Our many years of experience in creating visual means have taught us how important it is not to just make any content. Below, we will explain how we kick off a project and how we eventually arrive at successful visual stories. 


Setting out strategic targets

Phase 1 - Visual Content Strategy

You have a marketing plan and objectives and you obviously want to achieve them. You want to inform your target audience, generate more leads or increase your brand recognition: together we will look at your strategy and targets and determine the visual content strategy through which we can enhance your umbrella strategy and at the same time tie in with existing campaigns. Together we will prepare the roadmap that will give you a proper understanding of the visual content we will deploy, through which channels and what the expected return will be.


Specifying distinctive concepts in further detail

Phase 2 - Concepts

From a strategic point of view, we now know well what we want to achieve and how we will do that; now we have to elaborate the concept. In our creative sessions, we will think up a unique and distinguishing concept through which we will reach and activate your target audience. In this concept, we will write the storyline, determine how the information should be translated into imagery and establish the basis of the design. 


Creating the visual content

Phase 3 - Production

From an interactive visual experience to video images, 3D animations, brochures, Power Points or virtual reality and augmented reality: our team of creative and technical professionals will set to work and bring to life your visual story. The Art Director and designers provide the styling and the design. The 3D Department creates 3D worlds and brings products to life. And the motion designers animate our 2D animations. Is filming required? Our recording crew will be on-site in order to subsequently edit the shots in the studio. Have we opted for an interactive visualization in the process by means of VR or AR? Our specialized interaction designers and programmers will set to work. Eventually, all these specialisms will gather together and ensure a captivating and complete whole.


Achieving conversion

Phase 4 - Marketing

The final product is ready and must, as previously determined, be deployed to meet strategic goals. Through the use of online marketing, and especially advertising, we reach the target group from the outlined personas. We make these results measurable with analytics. Every day, we turn the knobs of advertising in order to achieve the desired result: conversion.


Awardwinning creations

We have so far won several awards for our visual concepts and creations. We received a Gold and a Platinum MarCom Award and we also obtained the Platinum AVA Digital Award for our VR application for Achmea MetroPolis.

Our home at Roombeek

Our office is located at one of the most beautiful places in Enschede. From the tower of De Museumfabriek we look out over Roombeek and Enschede. An inspiring place with an amazing view, which only further stimulates our creativity.

The Museum Factory is not only a pleasant place to be, but also a pleasant partner with whom we work together regularly. We give each other space and support each other creatively.


Our team behind the scenes


Sophie Nauta

Business Developer
Mike Jacet

Mike Jacet

Lead Motion Designer
Pim van der Veen

Pim van der Veen

3D Designer

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