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Visual partner for B2B companies

Turning complex information into clear imagery

We create visual stories that have impact

A large number of B2B businesses offer one-of-a-kind products, solutions or technology. But often they cannot - or at least not effectively- communicate their products to the market because they are too complex. Obviously, text will go a long way in explaining. But if your story is to take you across the globe, there is just one single universal language and that’s visual language. That is why we help B2B enterprises translate complex stories into visuals to turn their R&D results into commercial success.

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Strategic visual communication

Setting targets and achieving them

Thanks to our many years of experience in creating visual means, we know how important it is not to just make any content. You have a communication, marketing and/or sales strategy, have defined the corresponding targets and want to achieve them, right? For that reason, we will together first make a visual content strategy. Starting from your strategy, target audiences, personas, objectives and the existing campaigns, we work together on a comprehensive solution that is fully consistent with it. After that we will look at the most suitable visual means, because only with a solid basis will you achieve the desired results.

Our partnership with Pentair

Pentair was looking for a way to communicate complex, technical information attractively. Pentair World is the successful marketing concept we created for them. It presents their products in a clear and unique way.

Clear communication through attractive imagery.


Distinguishing visual concepts

From ideation to design and visualization

Starting from the strategic basis, together we think up concepts and storylines that substantiate the campaigns and visual problem-solving approach we have defined. We draw this on a storyboard and also determine the basis of the design.

By doing this, we lay a proper foundation for the development process. This way we make unique concepts together through which you position yourself in a distinguishing manner with a view to your target audience, surprising them and appealing to them!


Visual solutions with which we make an impact

Various solutions for internal and external challenges

As soon as the strategic outlines have been determined and distinguishing concepts have been made, the development of the visual content starts. We have several techniques through which we tell your visual story. Below you will find a selection from our solutions.

More about our solutions

The added value for our customers

Jaap de Carpentier Wolf
Jaap de Carpentier Wolf
Hoofd Corporate Communicatie, TenCate

“The value of this visual solution we created, is priceless. When we started out, it was not clear to all our employees what the unambiguous story was we wanted to present to the market because of the large number of divisions. By actually ‘stepping into the picture’ you are forced to create a clear shared story together. The entire process and the resulting interactive showroom has helped us enormously, both in our internal and our external communication.”

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Jasper Kolbrink
Jasper Kolbrink
Digital and Content Manager, Thales

“We asked C4Real to make an animation of the arrowhead 140 design. When you get some technical companies together, you get a lot of technical information. It is not in our person to make something out of it which is really understandable for everone. That is where c4Real came in. I think they did a good job to create an animation within the giving time with quite a lot of extends like watersimulation."

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Biba Visnjicky
Biba Visnjicky
Managing Director, Fraunhofer Project Center

“C4Real really took the time to get know us well and let us slowly adapt to their way of working. It was definitely a process. The end result was them successfully being able to translate our core values into a 3D animation, film, 2D animation and stills. Creating these was really impressive and a good quality to have. Many companies can make an animation, but creating an actual good, visual story is an art.”

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Visual partner for B2B companies

We love complex issues and complicated information and technology. It is therefore no surprise that many of our customers operate in the B2B market. For example, you will find our (inter)national customers in a specific number of market segments such as high tech, engineering, science and chemistry. We distinguish ourselves through our in-depth know-how of these markets. As far as we are concerned, however complicated the information may be, we are capable of translating it into an easily understandable visual story.

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